This is the best way to detect genital herpes

A positive herpes IgG test only tells you that at some point in time you acquired the herpes virus (1 or 2 or both depending on your results). The best reason for blood testing is when there is a specific question or diagnostic dilemma. If you want to know if you have genital herpes with no sx would a blood test be the way to go or only if you have sx. The best way to prevent spread, short of abstinence, is to use a condom every time you have intercourse. Genital herpes blood tests can show whether you have herpes and whether it’s type 1 or type 2. Diagnosing Genital Herpes. Diagnosis Icon. Your doctor can typically diagnose a herpes infection by a visual examination of the herpes sores.

This is the best way to detect genital herpes 2Your health care provider will also examine you with a strong light to detect any signs of an outbreak. The best way you can protect your baby is to know the facts about HSV and how to protect yourself. Viral Culture. Currently, viral culture is the principal means of diagnosing genital herpes, constituting the first choice for patients presenting with genital lesions. Get good information about genital herpes from a doctor. The best way for the doctor to test for HSV is to take a sample of fluid inside one of the blisters, and the best time to do this is in the first couple of days after an initial infection.

Visible warts can be diagnosed by directly observing the genital area. Infections without visible warts can be diagnosed by using a mini-magnifying scope or through blood tests.

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