So, does herpes not infect other species of reptile (aquatic turtles or others)

(aka googling) and am only finding references to tortoises. So, does herpes not infect other species of reptile (aquatic turtles or others)? The impact of many viral infections on reptile health is not known. A number of studies have shown that various arboviruses can infect a number of different reptile species and that temperature affects the development of viremia in these animals. In many cases, however, Koch’s postulates have not been fulfilled for viral diseases of reptiles, so that the connection between virus and disease is postulated based on clinical, pathological and histological observations. A number of reports are available on HV infection in water turtles. Different kinds of herpesvirus have been recovered from many other reptiles. An outwardly healthy tortoise may still be infected and able to spread herpesvirus to others. Immunosuppressed tortoises, particularly ones that have been exposed to different species of tortoises or turtles, are most at risk. Some tortoises need to have a feeding tube surgically implanted so that they can more easily receive oral medication and liquid diets.

All joking aside I did not think turtles could get herpes to begin with 2Desert tortoises can tolerate water, salt, and energy imbalances on a daily basis, which increases their lifespans. They may consume soil to maintain adequate calcium levels, so may prefer sites with higher calcium content. Reptiles are known to become infected by a wide range of pathogens, which includes viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Strategies may include encouraging people to not breed their captive tortoises, ensure that different species of turtles and tortoises are not housed in the same facility (which would help to prevent the spread of novel diseases into the desert tortoise population), ensure captive tortoises are adequately housed to prevent them from escaping into the wild, and to ensure that captive turtles and tortoises are never released into the wild. Turtles and tortoises can make great pets, but they are not easy to care for. The Turtle and Tortoise Pet Trade Threatens Native Species. There are no reptile vets in our area, and he got so swollen he couldn’t eat. (Small incision in his neck with a sterile scalpel, remove all of the infection, clean with bentodine, treat water to prevent further infection. Unfortunately for animals, Chlamydiapsittaci can also be transmitted through mucous membranes such as the eyes and urogenital tract, so mothers can give it to newborns and males can become infected through fighting. There is no such thing as a sexually transmitted disease.

Sea turtles are one of the oldest groups of reptiles and are found worldwide. FP has also been documented in other species of sea turtles, but much more infrequently. The mere association of a virus with diseased tissue does not necessarily imply cause and effect. Unfortunately, isolating live virus in the laboratory has proved fiendishly difficult, so the hypothesis of herpes virus as a cause of FP remains just that, a hypothesis. Exotic animals can suffer further at the hands of dealers who sell to pet stores and zoos. 19 Human contact with reptiles and other exotic animals accounts for 74,000 cases of salmonellosis each year. Boas are considered a more typical host because so many are infected, and they can harbor the virus for years with few to no clinical signs.

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All joking aside I did not think turtles could get herpes to begin with 3If the cause is thought to be something other than a poor diet and the diarrhea is greenish in color and watery, consider taking it to the vet for treatment. While the desert tortoise species do a good job of conserving water, they do benefit from a constant supply of fresh water. A turtle that can’t see won’t eat so it’s important to treat the eye infection or issue as soon as possible. If you just found your turtle drowned in its water or ever do, it might not be too late to try and revive it. Others will feel like they have the flu, sometimes with chest pain and a cough. The fungus can infect different organs, such as the lung, heart, and central nervous system. Drugs are available to help herpes blisters heal, but there’s no cure. Because of the risk of salmonella, reptiles are not recommended as pets for HIV infected patients, especially if their immune suppression is advanced. Discussion list, for members and others! They The single most important thing you can do to prevent RNS (and many other equally serious diseases) is NEVER TO ALLOW CONTACT BETWEEN DIFFERENT SPECIES. Some forms are caused by a herpes-group virus. In this species males may attain a greater size than females, a characteristic shared with certain other members of the genus Geochelone, including Galapagos tortoises. Babcocki considerable variation in terms of shell pattern is evident; some specimens feature large, pale areas amid the dark blotches, in others the pattern is much closer. Provided a combined Calcium-D3 supplement is used, we have not found it absolutely essential to utilize a ultra-violet light source; however, on the whole, we do recommend using a combined UV-B and heat lamp with this species. These materials can be aerosolized and another animal can breathe the airborne particles and become infected. Do not let your ferret lap water from your fishtank or turtle bowl! Discuss the various mechanisms by which infectious disease can be transmitted. Discuss airborne transmission of disease, distinguishing between droplet spread versus droplet nuclei; give examples of each of these two types of airborne spread., ingestion of infectious agents in contaminated food or water, but fecal-oral transmission can also occur directly during anal sexual contact. Genital herpes. Mucous membrane exposure to infected blood. Household. Other. 0.9.

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Humans aren’t exceptional: We know of 200-odd herpesviruses so far, and more are being identified practically daily. What mammal, dinosaur, fish, or trilobite did the first herpesvirus infect? (Mammalian herpesvirus are grouped into alpha, beta, and gammaherpesvirus based originally on biology and, subsequently, on genome sequence; but bird and reptile herpesviruses so far have all been alphaherpesviruses, so this tripartite split did happen after the synapsid reptiles diverged from the other lineages that led to birds and turtles and so on. Impressive as it is to be able to reconstruct virus evolution for nearly a half billion years, we’re not done yet. Oyster herpes-type virus. Infections of either the upper or lower respiratory tract in a turtle or a tortoise are potentially very serious and can kill in a matter of hours. But other respiratory tract infections can be treated and when spotted early are not too serious. C is as important to reptiles as it is to other animals in fighting off infections of the URTI causing organisms. HIV-infected persons should not drink water directly from lakes or rivers (AIII). Cholera can be avoided by drinking purified or boiled water and by avoiding potentially contaminated seafood. This acute respiratory infection can be caused by several different bacteria and is characterized by fast, difficult breathing and coughing caused by inflammation of the lungs. Reptiles also harbor Salmonella, which is why the CDC recommends that children under 5 years of age and immunocompromised persons not handle pet turtles and other reptiles. Caption: A close-up of a cold sore on the lower lip caused by the Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus.

Among water turtles, good choices are:. In addition, some species must be kept very warm even at night while others prefer a night temperature drop. As with other species, the ECG does not provide information on hemodynamic function. Most wild turtles will have some kind of parasite on or within it, but until the population increases to a high number, the parasite may not be debilitating to the animal. Some of the common external parasites found on sea turtles include leeches and a number of different species that reside on the shell called epibiota. If some eggs are trampled or cracked open by predators, it not only releases a scent that makes them easier to find, but can contaminate the clutch and kill far more turtles than were initially consumed. So, as winter approaches and the water temperature drops, so does the turtles body temperature. Soon there will be another way to get an answer to your turtle or tortoise question. I recently bought a reptile tank for my Russian Tortoise at Petco. To minimize the risk of contracting a disease from a pet reptile or amphibian, always purchase domestically bred and raised animals only. The problems associated with pet reptiles and Salmonella first came to light in 1963, when a pet turtle was implicated in the disease found in a 7-month-old baby. In other words, a negative culture result does not rule out the disease. Other types of bacteria that can be isolated from reptiles can also cause infections in people.