She told me that she thought I had herpes and started me on Valtrex

But once I started taking the medicine my symptoms rapidly improved. He put me on 1 gram dose of Valtrex daily and I have not had an outbreak since. I still didn’t think i had herpes because my partner TESTED negative for herpes and all other stds. When I informed my doctor, she told me that I would have to wait at least four to six months before I would be able to retest my blood for herpes antibodies. I just started a new relationship and things developed quickly and I had to reveal to my partner that I had something. 4 years ago when i was 17 i was started having some pain in/on my vagaina. That monday i went to my gyn. she did an exam and set me up to get blood drawn. She said she thought I had herpes because I had some ulcerations and she saw blisters, all of which she had seen exactly before in other cases of herpes, however, my blisters and ulcerations caused me no pain whatsoever, unlike herpes blisters and ulcers which are very painful. The clinic did an exam told me I HAD herpes, gave me valtrex, (this all happened on Monday) then Thursday I went to my doc they drew blood and the results I got today said I DID NOT have herpes.

She told me that she thought I had herpes and started me on Valtrex 2No other symptoms at all whatsoever and I was told you will start having symptoms within 10 days of contracting it. In any of my std tests I had asked for, they never tested for herpes. But then she told me that herpes is extremely common. Did they prescribe Valtrex or any alternative to it just in case it is? I got genital herpes because my partner thought that cold sores didn’t count. There’s the awkwardness of telling new partners because you’re not vulnerable enough when you first start dating someone. But Vivi, a 28-year-old fashion blogger, who gets only cold sores, still doesn’t consider herself to have herpes and has never told any sexual partners about her cold sores before having sex. I asked if this meant I should change the dosage on the valtrex. And when she finally comes over she says you gave me herpes. I only really started not feeling guilty everyday when I saw on facebook a few months back that she’s happy in a relationship now and seems to be doing okay. I have never, never had anyone tell me in the context of pre-kissing them that they may have HSV-1, only that they think they might have or be getting a ‘coldsore’ right now.

2 and have already had two outbreaks. My doctor told me if there is a possibility of an outbreak they can put you on a preventitive medication for the last couple of weeks of your pregnancy. Most likely your doctor will place you on valtrex the last few weeks of your pregnancy and you can deliver vaginally UNLESS you have an outbreak. My marriage turned sexless last year, and I started seeing other girls for sex. Can you tell me roughly what are the odds of transferring HSV-2 in each unprotected event? And if I do transfer it, will it be a lesser version of HSV-2 because of the factors listed above?. My wife has not had an actual outbreak since 2002 either, but she is not on suppressives, she just takes Valtrex for a couple days every few months when she feels something coming on. I developed 1 blister which I thought was herpes. He gave me a cortisone shot and told me the dose of acyclovir to take. Or, if my coldsore had already started. I checked with the ND and she said that protocol could be followed unless I felt that I was going to have a breakout then go back to 2 a day.

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I did know he got a VERY occasional cold sore, but I never thought about it. About 50 – 80 of the adult population in the United States has oral Herpes. She sent me home with a prescription for Diflucan, and Valtrex. None of these guys started screaming at me, they THANKED me and said they would get tested none of them had it -YAY!!!!. Let’s put it this way: If I had sex with a woman, got herpes, and later found out she knew she was exposing me to the virus without telling me in advance, I’d sue the the living daylights out of her. At which time I confronted her about her Valtrex bottle, and she denied it was for herpes, she attempted to tell me she had Valtrex for shingles and the occasional oral outbreak but no way did she have genital herpes. Start Here! My doctor told me and a friend who also has H, that its fine to have sex with a partner when herpes symptoms aren’t showing. So I thought wow I can actually have sex after a year of none. My GP told me that as long as I take the Valtrex everyday, I should never have an outbreak – it should be the same for your girl. How often do you check out the genital area of the person you just picked up at the pub? Squeeze the penis to check for discharge, have a whiff of the muff before you start to see if it smells wrong? Starting in 1987, Let’s Look Over 23 Years of Herpes Lawsuits. Interesting here is the woman said she was denied health insurance after getting infected with herpes. I dated a guy in April, 2011 and he did not tell me he has herpes. My marriage eventually broke up but I continued to have outbreaks UNLESS I took Valtrex religiously. Q: My doctor just told me that I have herpes. But let me try to reassure you. She or he may have thought that it looked like herpes, but for confirmation swabbed the base of the sore for a viral culture. By the time the culture is run, the lesion may have started to heal and is no longer shedding the virus. The dosing for suppressive therapy varies depending on which medication you’re taking: Zovirax 400mg twice a day; Famvir 250 mg twice a day; or Valtrex 500 mg once a day.

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Has your partner, or potential partner, recently informed you that he or she has been diagnosed with genital herpes? This entry was posted in Sexual Health and tagged abstinence, acyclovir, antiviral, cold sores, condom, condoms, discordant couples, drug, frequency, genital herpes, herpes, herpes outbreak, herpes simplex virus, Herpesviridae, HSV, HSV-1, HSV-2, human herpesvirus, human herpesvirus 1, human herpesvirus 2, immune system, immunity, medication, monogamy, oral herpes, outbreak, pharmaceutical, risk, safe sex, safer sex, sexually transmitted disease, sexually transmitted infection, STD, STD Awareness, STI, suppressive therapy, symptoms, transmission, valacyclovir, viral shedding, virus by Anna C. I always wear a condom since she told me she has H, and for months have not shown any symptoms of herpes. I have never had any symptoms of H? My girlfriend takes Valtrex and doesnt miss a single dose. And your saying if I am infected, and its HPV2 then we can start having unprotected sex? Is herpes like poison IVY? If I have it could I get it even worse, or once you have it you will always fight it the same way? Example, if I end up having HPV2 and my body isnt having OBs from it, will unprotected sex encourage my body to start having OBs from further contact, or is the way I respond a constant regardless of how much further contact I recieve?. Valacyclovir taken daily can reduce risk of transmission to a partner by as much as 50. I started to wonder I he had symptoms that I ignored or did he even know he has it. I been have sick and the doctor told me what she thought it was and I don’t know what to do. 1, I was told 6mos ago I have need new, Is makes things kinna better it’s makes me sleepy. I have 2 beautiful children tht is need and they need me not a half she’ll of a mother has anyone have it kind of side affect look me up on fb pease 42 5 months 12/14/2015 2 Shingles Terrible anxiety!! Never had anxiety for absolutely no reason.

I also never started any medication because she does the bills and would know. My wife told me that she had Herpes after three and a half years marriage. My doctor advised that i take Valtrex twice a day for three days when I notice the first sign of an outbreak. The first thing they tell you is Yes, you can have a vaginal delivery. I have genital herpes as well, and my doctor put me on Acyclovir twice a day at 30 weeks in order to suppress breakouts. OB’s will put you some type of HSV suppressent, like Valtrex, by 36 weeks. My best friend has herpes and she delivered both of her babies vaginally. i also have another close friend who has herpes who delivered all 4 of her children vaginally. I am 21 years old and just found out 2day that I have herpes type 2. She prescibed Valtrex and told me that it could have been worse because if it had been the type-2 virus, those outbreaks are much worse and more frequent. I forgave him before thanksgiving and two days before thanksgiving is when i contracted it. i instantly started having the itching and burning feeling but i thought it was nothing. The person who gave it to you may never have had an outbreak in their lives. But I strove to include everything that is factual, everything that I wished someone had told me about Herpes years ago. You may recall the Japanese study we told you about in June which found that vitamin D was more effective than a vaccine in preventing flu, including pandemic flu. Type 1 herpes (cold sores) is thought to afflict a majority of the US population, genital herpes perhaps a quarter. She didn’t realize she actually had herpes which she gave to me. I have just started to supplement with higher doses of Vitamin D3 and am excited to see how it works this cold/flu season.