Herpes is not the only risk from tanning beds

Herpes is not the only risk from tanning beds 1

Skin cancer is not the only health danger lurking for sunbed users. ‘In my practice, I’ve seen acquired bacterial infections, warts, and herpes infections from tanning beds,’ she told Yahoo. If the risk of cancer wasn’t enough to put you off UV tanning salons, an expert has now warned that the beds can host bacteria and viruses, including herpes. Then if you sweat, that only adds to the bacteria or virus’s ability to grow, and then if you have a nick or cut in your skin, which is very common, then you’re much more likely to acquire the infection, she added. If you aren’t careful, pouring that money into a less-than-sterile tanning salon can put you at risk of some unsettling dangers. But it’s not just what you can see; it’s what you can’t see that you should be really concerned about. That means everything from athlete’s foot to lice, jock itch, staph infections, herpes, or warts. Dr. Bibb says a dirty tanning bed is the place for bacteria and viruses to flourish, because your sweat and those warm lights create the moist environment these nasty strains thrive in.

Herpes is not the only risk from tanning beds 2Though no studies have been done specifically regarding Herpes, numerous studies have solidly demonstrated a link between chronic psychological stress and weakened immune function. This applies ONLY to external blisters, NEVER internal blisters. Though this process will produce some pain, alcohol kills fresh virus and sterilizes the wound, decreasing the likelihood of a secondary bacterial infection. People with genital Herpes recurrences would also be advised not to sun-bathe in the nude or use tanning beds nude. Because not only is your desire for the perfect bronze glow harmful for your skin, it also puts you at risk of contracting a burning case of. Dawn Marie Davies is Mayo Clinic’s associate professor of dermatology, and according to her you might be seriously putting your sexual health at risk by using tanning beds. You can acquire the herpes viral infections from tanning beds too. Until now, these were alleged to be the reason of more than 400,000 skin cancer cases in the United States, but the new study has found that this is not the only health risk associated with them.

Cancer is the health risk we usually associate with tanning salons. Then if you sweat, that only adds to the bacteria or virus’s ability to grow, and then if you have a nick or cut in your skin, which is very common, then you’re much more likely to acquire the infection. In my practice, I’ve seen acquired bacterial infections, warts, and herpes infections from tanning beds based on the timing of the infection and distribution of the infection, Davis added. But that may not be the only health risk those who use tanning beds face. Dawn Marie Davis, a dermatologist and an associate professor of dermatology and pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic, tells Yahoo Health that bacteria and viruses, including staphylococcus bacteria, fecal bacteria, herpes virus and wart-causing human papillomavirus, can all survive and thrive in tanning beds. Skin cancer is a terrible but not the only risk associated with the use of tanning salons.

Smart Living With Genital Herpes

Results came back i have hsv-1 down there 3I do not have any facts on tanning beds, so if any readers have contracted herpes this way, kindly write to me. I have just recently told my new boyfriend about my herpes, and he was very caring and supportive. However, taking a medical risk is not a sexual turn on and can lead to transmission of STDs. Skin cancer isn’t the only danger from indoor tanning. Find out what else may be lurking under those lights. And indoor tanning is not a safe alternative to sun exposure. Besides causing skin damage and premature aging, exposure to ultraviolet light from tanning beds is linked to melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, and cataracts and melanoma of the eye. They said that there are no state regulations on tanning beds, that it isn’t even agreed on what to clean them with. She doesn’t just run the risk of herpes (although I agree, it seems unlikely), but she runs a real risk of developing skin cancer, not to mention tanning speeds up the ageing process (wrinkles and the like) Posted by vpandora on 02. Having a tan is so not worth the risk. Dawn Marie Davies, using a tanning bed may increase your risk of catching genital herpes. The sexually transmitted infection is generally spread via direct skin-to-skin contact, but it can live outside the body for an extended period of time. By now, we all know the risks of tanning, especially tanning indoors. Indoor (and outdoor) tanning puts oneself at a heightened risk for developing skin cancer not only later in life but at any time. Did you know that you can actually contract herpes from a tanning bed? Planet Beach’s red light therapy is called lumiere and only works on the face. There is absolutely no risk of getting a disease from a tanning bed.

Health Risks Of Tanning Salons: Sunbeds Can Give You Herpes, Expert Warns

Typically, a person only contracts HSV-2 through sexual contact with a person who is infected. Some people never have an outbreak at all and have no outbreaks after an initial episode. Over-exposure to sunlight and tanning bed use. Your partner needs to know about your infection so he or she is aware of the risk that he or she is taking. Can tanning in a tanning salon make you have genital herpes flare up? No one will be able to identify the certain cause of every flare-up, and some people wont have a clue about any of them. The shingles vaccine is approved for people ages 60 and over to prevent or decrease the likelihood of developing shingles, also known as herpes zoster. Can they only flare up once or twice a year? But experts have warned the disease is not the only health danger associated with the pursuit of an artificial year-round tan. In my practice, I’ve seen acquired bacterial infections, warts, and herpes infections from tanning beds’. While a tanning bed might cause herpes to show up, it’s most likely that you carried it all along and didn’t know it. You can only acquire a herpesvirus, which you will undoubtedly do from another human being rather than a tanning bed. The article’s author and publisher didn’t help educate the public any, twisting this snippet and leading readers to believe that it’s entirely possible, if not a very realistic risk.

I’m 27 and just starting on my 10th bout of shingles (I feel I should celebrate the occasion or something. There have been quite a few doctors that do not believe I even have shingles, they always want to say it is herpes, but herpes does not cause the kind of pain that shingles does. Now I have used tanning beds last year but no outbreak of any kind. I dont usually go to the drs I just take pain killers and try to get on with it as much as I can but had to go last time because a woman in work was in early stages of pregnancy and I was worried I may of been putting her unborn baby at risk. Always using latex condoms can greatly reduce the risk of transmitting the virus at these times. Herpes is very frequently transmitted by infected people who do not know they are infected. It is only natural to feel apprehensive about telling someone else about genital herpes for the first time. I always assumed the only thing to worry about was cancer, but this takes the risks of tanning to a whole new level. She said using a tanning bed is comparable to laying on a public toilet at your local mall, gross! It’s important to be aware that viruses, such as herpes, can be spread through contact of certain bodily fluids that tanning beds have a very real chance of being contaminated with, and it’s no surprise the beds may be contaminated after being used by numerous people in a short amount of time. Maybe you don’t really think things through or you’re just going through a phase. Your risk of contracting either infection depends on a number of factors, such as the level of infection and condition of the skin. Get Some Color One of the most unexpected places to catch an STD without having sex may be radiating light at your local tanning salon. By simply using common sense and not relying on tanning salon operators to make sure the beds are cleansed properly; ask that you be permitted to clean your own bed before use. About one-third of the HPV types are known to spread through sexual contact and live only in genital tissue. Low-risk types of HPV cause genital warts, the most recognizable sign of genital HPV infection.